Landstruct was established in 1987 to provide a high quality landscape construction service. Landstruct builds landscapes for projects including commercial and industrial developments, institutions and
public facilities to parkland and urban open spaces, residential and regional projects. Landstruct has earned a reputation as a leader in efficient project management and quality landscape construction. Our construction, project management and technical expertise allows us to successfully complete projects of all sizes and complexities.

Landstruct constructs landscapes for several of the large landscape architectural companies across Melbourne. Some projects designed by Landarche Landscape Architects (an associated company) are built by Landstruct as part of a design and construct package. A large proportion of these are extremely complex and detailed and include a wide range of materials and construction methods. We understand the importance of quality and sensitivity in construction in order to achieve the goals of the Landscape Architect and Client and always encourage a close working relationship during construction. Our extensive experience ensures projects run in a highly efficient and cost effective manner.

A major advantage in working with Landstruct is our personal approach to each project. Our team is young and enthusiastic with specialist skills and a commitment to excellence. The workplace culture at Landstruct is one which is based on democratic principals and teamwork, it values the views of staff and clients, promotes pride in the company and recognises the responsibility and accountability of both the organisation as a whole and those who work within it. Landstruct is well aware of the importance of OH&S issues and their impact on organisational efficiency, morale and customer focus. We are constantly updating our strategies for health and safety management and incorporating updated procedures into the day to day operations of the company. Our quality workmanship and attention to detail is second to none, as highlighted by various awards of merit presented by the Landscape Industries Association of Victoria (LIAV). Landstruct’s alliance with Landarche Landscape Architects ensures that our understanding of documentation and the relationship between landscape architect, client and contractor is thorough and treated with paramount importance.

Cameron Grant - Principal / Managing Director

Cameron Grant Managing Director

Cameron co-founded Landstruct with Landarche Landscape Architects and coordinates the operation of both companies. He has over 20 years experience in landscape architecture, landscape construction and project administration and has worked with clients from private, institutional, corporate, local and state government sectors.

Cameron works directly with Landstruct clients ensuring a high level of service and communication. He has excellent relationships with others in the industry such as contractors, architects, planners, local council and government officers and has extensive knowledge of design, planning and construction requirements. As well as having extensive skill and experience in landscape architecture, Cameron has also had over 25 years of on-site landscape construction experience. He has had a critical role in the designing and building of all aspects of landscape. Cameron is a board member of the Landscape Industries Association of Victoria LIAV and a Corporate Member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects AILA.

  • Bachelor of Applied Science Landscape Architecture AAILA
  • Registered Landscape Architect (AILA).
Gary Bond Landscape Manager

Gary Bond Landscape Manager

With over 11 years of experience, Gary’s role as Landscape Project Manager has seen him deliver projects ranging from $50,000 $750,000 for a diverse selection of clients. These range from beautifully crafted residential gardens to large scale projects for commercial clients, state government and a variety of city councils and educational institutions.

Gary’s extensive knowledge and skills combine with his highly organised and process driven focus to make him the ideal manager in the dynamic landscape construction environment. Combined with clear, timely communication between clients, designers and the construction team, it ensures smooth progress and, ultimately, the successful delivery of the landscape project.