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Churches & Community Gathering Landscaping

We create a range of remarkable outdoor spaces designed to invite the community congregate. These include café styled landscapes and breakfast spaces for the homeless. As a place of sharing, it is crucial that the design is not only functional and welcoming, but also adheres to the required safety standards.

As an ISO accredited Landscaping Company with extensive experience in this sector, we understand the importance of WH&S standards on community projects, and are proud to offer a high-level of attention to detail, communication and advice surrounding health and safety to deliver a risk-free environment during the construction phase and thereafter.

Our unparalleled high-standards of quality match the demand for premium craftsmanship that Heritage listed sites often demand.

Heritage Location Specialists

Commonly churches and community gathering projects involve historic buildings which are Heritage listed and designed by a Heritage Architect. These projects can be both sensitive and complex, often hosting older services that require relocation, extra permits and permissions required, tight deadlines and even possible burial areas (for buildings pre-1846).

As specialists in this space, we have the adept ability to foresee any potential issues relating to Heritage listed sites, and navigate them effectively and efficiently.

Landstruct are extremely passionate about being an integral part of community projects like these and continue to find innovative ways to contribute to the wholistic spiritual experience of the community.

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