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We believe it is our people that ultimately foster Landstruct’s success. We are always searching for motivated, like-minded individuals to join our team. At Landstruct we believe our team is stronger with diverse staff who possess different strengths and skillsets.

Our company values

  • Passion and excellence
  • Integrity
  • Communication and teamwork
  • Knowledge
  • Systems, urgency and success
  • Change / Embrace the future

Our mission

Landstruct is dedicated to building and maintaining a team of landscape construction professionals who are motivated, determined and have the drive to continuing excellence in the Australian Landscape industry. We are committed to encouraging and leading the ongoing development of highly skilled, passionate and effective landscape construction teams.

Landstruct aims to achieve the highest quality results and customer/community satisfaction for large and medium sized landscape projects. We will continue to:

  • Support all members of the team and help them achieve their own personal goals.
  • Provide a value adding, friendly landscape service at a reasonable cost while investing in our company.
Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Careers Landstruct
Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Careers Landstruct

Developing the leaders of tomorrow

At Landstruct we are passionate about creating an environment which helps our team develop both professionally and personally. We encourage our employees to continuously strengthen and expand their existing skill base while maintaining personal pursuits throughout their careers. By creating a supportive learning and development pathway we can watch our people progress within our organisation for years to come.

Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Careers Landstruct