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Landscaping Maintenance

At Landstruct we are passionate about ensuring a long-lasting healthy landscape environment for many years to come.

With so many of our projects positioned in high foot-traffic areas, we put enormous effort into safeguarding the preservation of the landscaping during the construction process, but we also establish a maintenance period for the works to ensure the project is not only aesthetically pleasing at all times, but it is safe and healthy for users and passers-by.

Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Maintenance

Our award-winning team is highly experienced in working collaboratively with facility managers and key stakeholders of local government and education sectors to establish a sustainable maintenance plan. This tailored maintenance plan is designed to align with our clients’ sustainability targets, usage requirements and horticultural expectations.

Although the majority of our maintenance services relate to our existing projects, we also offer customised projects to reduce ongoing maintenance. We can specifically design a project to implement different sustainability strategies including removing and replacing existing plants with low maintenance, drought tolerant plants, using a mixture of native plants, shrubs and trees that are soil specific.

Our tailored maintenance plans are strategically designed to align with sustainability targets, usage requirements and horticultural expectations.
Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Maintenance
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