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Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education

Early Learning Facilities

Landstruct have been involved in the successful construction of many childcare centres, kindergartens, and early learning centres. Our management and staff has a passion for the quality construction of natural play items. This passion is realised through the construction of youth children play spaces with our child-friendly designs.

We have a strong understanding of design intent, led by Cameron Grant, our Managing Director and Landscape Architect with over 30 years of experience in the industry. We have the experience and working knowledge of AS4685 and AS4422, ensuring that we are compliant with all the relevant safety codes and conducts required for playground equipment and surfacing standards.

All Landstruct staff and subcontractors are holders of Working with Children Check Cards (WWCC) and have a solid understanding of the unique and sensitive environment within a school and childcare realm. This allows us to excel in constructing suitable, high-quality outdoor spaces without disrupting the children’s learning.


Our expertise is evident in our range of merits, winning several Landscaping Victoria awards for our contemporary designs and we continue to produce professional results in this category.

Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education
Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education

Primary Schools

Primary schools are another substantial focus for Landstruct, where we concentrate on creating natural landscape designs and functional playscapes for children. This includes the construction of seating, tables, shade, planting paving, and other various landscape features and furniture. We are consistently innovating to create spaces that are not only functional and attractive, but are also considerate of the environment and low maintenance.

With the wide array of primary school projects we have completed to date, we understand the importance of minimal disruption to learning when carrying out our projects. Sensitive environments require thoughtful consideration, which is why we carefully manage vehicle traffic, foot traffic, noise levels and dust. We facilitate deliveries during off-peak student times and engage traffic management at pick-up and drop-off times. It is this attention to detail that ensures minimal interruptions to the students’ learning, as well as the safety of both children and parents at all times.

Our quality workmanship and attention to detail is second to none, as highlighted by the numerous awards of merit presented to us by Landscaping Victoria.
Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education

Secondary Colleges

Landstruct excels in the construction of landscapes in the secondary school environment. We have completed many award-winning landscapes in this area and have several projects currently underway. This work often includes significant hard landscape items and civil works.

We can cater for any space, including large school gathering spaces and outdoor concert/spectator areas. Some of these areas can cater for an entire school community of approximately 2,000 students.

These landscapes are often highly detailed and complex, requiring a diverse range of landscaping skills. The Landstruct team is highly skilled and experienced in completing education projects, and we work alongside our tried, tested, and trusted Subcontract group and suppliers. With years of experience in constructing efficient and well-designed outdoor areas, we’re capable of providing superior landscaping that caters to those at a secondary school age.


We take the needs of students into consideration by not only creating practical spaces for leisure and study, but also by minimising the disruptions associated with landscaping construction. Often secondary college students are preparing or taking exams during construction, so we always ensure that we’re taking the best steps possible to effectively reduce our noise levels and manage our team and equipment appropriately, whilst communicating closely with our clients to understand their schedules at all times.

Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education

Tertiary Education Facilities

Landstruct has built a range of landscapes in the tertiary education area from multilevel city building rooftop gardens to broad acre campus landscapes. Landstruct create “people spaces” including paving, furniture, planting, and path systems to suit a broad range of campus environments. We aim to create functional, inspirational landscapes that cater to the needs of those who attend the campus.

When it comes to tertiary education facilities, we understand the importance of quality and sensitivity in construction in order to achieve the goals of the landscape architect and client and always encourage a close working relationship during construction. Our extensive experience and first-rate project management systems ensures each and every project run in a highly efficient and cost-effective manner, allowing uninterrupted operation of the facility wherever possible.

Landstruct - Landscape Construction - Education
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